Top 3 Game Engines and Game Development Software

In order to create a game, you need game development software, or a game engine. These are great for eliminating a lot of the technical aspects of creating a game. Big game development companies, from Bethesda (The Elder Scrolls series) to online game companies such as RealTime Gaming sometimes even create their own development software, but […] Read More

Recording At Its Best with Movavi

Be ready for a whole new experience of the digital world with the Movavi Screen Capture Studio that will let you record video from your screen. The program has an amazing editing tool that lets you enhance the video quality for Mac and even cut and get rid of all the unwanted fragments. There is […] Read More

2015 Video Games to get excited for!

It is usually in the months leading up to Christmas that the game you have been dying to play gets released. In fact, if you are a gamer, your favourite month is not December, where it is more than likely you get bought the games, but November. This is where they usually get released, namely […] Read More